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5.0 rating
January 27, 2020

I was pretty skeptical about buying my first book from this site because of how cheap it was (Contemporary Editing). But I got the download link immediately and had the e-book within seconds of purchasing. I just bought two more books from here and saved over $50! Highly recommend checking this site before anywhere else.



5.0 rating
January 13, 2020

This semester I was on a tighter budget for books. I decided to get ebooks so I would no longer have to carry my books and because it was cheaper. I purchased three books from Panther books for my criminal and pych classes for less than 100!$ Normally, one book is 60$ so I was delighted with the prices! My most expensive book was going to be 25$ but I decided to try the free textbook program because I had nothing to lose. IT WORKED. At first my email was not sending to all students but Janet gave me the option to send it to students individually. She then sent me my coupon code and I got my book for free!! Janet was supe polite, considerate and willing to help with my technical issues! I got the book right away! Thank you so much!

Allie Garcia

Get you a Janet!

5.0 rating
January 8, 2020

Seriously though, the customer service on this site is the best I have EVER had, especially from a live chat. Janet was available to help me with my free textbook deal questions & we were able to work together so that she could explore the Moodle software to make this option available to students who use Moodle. The responses were timely, even at 3am! I will DEFINITELY use BookPanthers.com again. and again. AND AGAIN. If I could give 10 stars, I would.

Bree Turbeville

Easy and immediate download

5.0 rating
January 8, 2020

This truly saved my sanity and my wallet when it came time to buy my text books. From over $150 to just $15, thank you Panther

Joshua Fisher


5.0 rating
January 8, 2020

So, I initially thought the “free textbook” was a hoax or a scam, something to get your information and then not receive the book, BUT OMG it was literally sooo easy. It took a matter of 5 minutes to send all my classmates the link and I got my code from Janet seconds later after sending the screenshots. I wish I had known about this earlier, I would have saved so much.

Carter Montgomery